Estimated Conference Costs

As registration comes closer to opening up, I thought I’d provide everyone with estimates of registration and housing costs for June 16-18, 2010 at Brockport:

  • Conference Registration will most likely be somewhere around $40-$50 for members and $80-$90 for non-members
  • On-campus housing will be available for $40/night (in air conditioned townhouses, single occupancy only)
  • The Thursday night dinner and entertainment will be around $30

Conference registration includes two breakfasts (Thursday & Friday), one lunch (Thursday) and one dinner (Wednesday).  Lunch will be available Wednesday and Friday for $9 each.

These prices are estimates, and the final cost may be above or below what is listed; however, we will do our best to make sure that costs remain within the ranges that are listed here.


6 Responses to Estimated Conference Costs

  1. sunyla attendee says:

    Does the registration cost include meals?

    • Pam says:

      I believe we usually charge for the Thursday dinner and Friday box lunch. We may charge for lunch on Wednesday (pre-conference day) as well.

  2. sunyla attendee says:

    How much is the registration fee for a library student? And how much does it cost to join SUNYLA as a library student?

    • loganrath says:

      The registration fee for a library school student will likely be $30 if that student is also a member of SUNYLA. It only costs $10 to join SUNYLA as a library school student. If you do not wish to join SUNYLA, the non-member student rate is likely to be $40.

  3. ddevlin says:

    I am a library student. When and where can I register for this confernce?

    Thanks, DD

    • loganrath says:

      Registration will be opening Monday, so stay tuned. We’ll post an update to the Home page when we open registration.

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